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Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to wood flooring, and often a cost effective solution. The appearance of modern laminate is nearly indistinguishable from its hardwood counterparts.

Carpet Designs Unlimited carries all the most popular and dependable brands of laminate. Provenza, Bella Cera, Quick Step, Nuvelle, Aqua Lock and the Freedom Collection are some of our choice brands. Laminate flooring installation is an art for Carpet Designs Unlimited. Our skilled technicians make sure that you will have the best looking results and enjoy your new “wood” floor for many years to come.

Laminate flooring is a product that is made up of multiple layers. Underneath laminate, a thin pad that is both a moisture and sound barrier is generally installed. The bottom most layer of the laminate itself is a backing that is designed to help prevent the boards from warping. Above the backing is an inner core that is made from high-density fiberboard that increases the durability of the laminate. The next layer is the layer on which the high-resolution image of wood appears. This layer can have a texture applied to it to further enhance the look of real wood. These images run from exotic to traditional, from intricately detailed to sleek and smooth. We have many different looks to choose from. The last layer is a wear layer that protects the design from fading, scratches, and damage from everyday wear.

There is no comparison to the durability of laminate. Kids, pets and cocktail parties are no threat to a laminate’s finish. See our Laminate FAQ page for more detailed information on laminate flooring. For the look and feel of real wood, work with our designers exclusively at CDU Flooring to choose from our fantastic selection of laminates. We will complete your laminate flooring installation when you are ready.

Laminate FAQs


Is a laminate the same thing as engineered wood?

No. Engineered wood is real wood while laminate is not. The two are sometimes confused because they are both made in layers, and the look of modern laminates is deceivingly realistic.

What are laminates made of?

Laminates are made in four layers; a backing layer, an inner core layer, a design layer and a wear layer. The backing layer is basically a protective moisture barrier. The inner core is a layer of resin that gives the laminate its strength. The design layer is a literal photographic image of the wood, tile or stone that the laminate is made to represent. The top wear layer protects the floor from staining and fading.

Where can a laminate be installed?

Almost anywhere! Laminate has very few installation restrictions. Because it snaps together as a floating floor it can be installed over a wood subfloor, concrete or tile.

Is it true that laminate floors are loud to walk on?

Without a sound-absorbing underlayment laminate floors will click more than natural woods when tapped or walked on with hard-soled shoes. We standardly use a sound-absorbing underlayment with our laminate installations.

Are laminate floors less expensive than hardwood floors?

As a general rule, yes. There are, however, high quality laminate products that are more expensive than lower quality hardwoods.

Can laminates be sanded and refinished?

No, laminates cannot be sanded and refinished. However, individual planks can be replaced if they get damaged.

How long will a laminate floor last?

Properly maintained, a high quality laminate floor may last a lifetime.

How do I maintain my laminate floor?

Laminate floors are very easy to maintain. Regularly sweep, vacuum or mop with a no-wax floor cleaner.

Will a laminate floor add value to my home?

Not necessarily. Some buyers may value a quality laminate floor more than others, but there is no evidence that the floor will increase the home value in general.