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Custom area rugs

Create a work of art for your floor. CDU Flooring continues to be an innovator in the design and manufacturing of custom area rugs. We manufacture our rugs on the premises utilizing an automated carpet artistry system. Our professional staff will guide you step by step through the process of creating a one-of-a-kind area rug designed for your unique situation. Bring in swatches of your colors for a perfect match. We’ll help you find the colors and textures that best suit your décor and tastes. Choose from hundreds of our designs or let us help you create one of your own.

Contemporary and modern imported area rugs

Carpet Designs Unlimited carries a wide range of imported rugs in a variety of sizes and styles, such as traditional, transitional, contemporary and modern.

Choose from dense plush, extraordinary textures and flat weaves. These rugs are made from many fine natural materials. We carry wools, silk and sisals. Our imported rugs are finely crafted in a variety of ways, including hand-knotted, hand-tufted and machine-made. You will find elegant borders, intricate patterns, ornamental designs, hand carving, exquisite shading, antique finishes, fringes, etc. etc. See our Area Rug FAQ page for more detailed information.

The elegance and style of our imported rugs are both timeless and versatile. Whatever your needs and tastes, at Carpet Designs Unlimited you’re sure to find the exact rugs to fit your lifestyle.

we are an official Dalyn Rug Supplier with the ability to make custom area rugs through their program


Area rug FAQs


How do I know what size area rug I should use?

The size of area rug you use is ultimately personal taste, but here are some thoughts to keep in mind while deciding. Occasionally after a customer has taken a rug home they return to say they need a larger size than they thought, not the other way around.

For a living room sometimes a customer will say they want a rug that just fits under the cocktail table. Invariably after we convince them to go a little bigger they are very thankful. A rug should at least fill up the seating area. Sometimes rugs will be placed right up to the sofa, sometimes they will go under the sofa a little, and sometimes they will go all the way around the sofa. One reason to consider having sofas, chairs, etc. sitting all the way on a rug is if the arrangement is “floating” in the room (placed away from walls). Most of the professional designers we work with make rugs much larger than customers we work with directly. Take a look through design magazines to get some ideas.

In a dining room we recommend having a rug that is large enough so that when you pull out a chair to sit down the legs don’t go off the edge of the rug. If they do go onto the floor then after you sit down and scoot yourself up to the table you will have to hop the chair up over the edge of the rug. With repetition of this there is a good chance of doing damage to the edge of the rug. To get an idea of size based on this requirement pull a chair out to get into it comfortably then measure from the back legs to the edge of the table, or pull out a chair on either side and measure from back legs to back legs. Typically the rug will need to be between 2-1/2 to 3 feet past the table on each side. Again, check out some of the pictures in design magazines for inspiration.

Are hand-made rugs superior to machine-made rugs?

There are different types of hand-made rugs. Hand-knotted rugs are more costly due to the time and labor it takes to make them, but they hold their value well and if properly taken care of can last for generations. Many imported rugs are hand-tufted which are made with the aid of a tufting gun but are still considered hand-made. Hand-tufted rugs can be made much quicker and are therefore less expensive than hand-knotted rugs. Machine-made rugs as well as hand-tufted rugs make use of adhesives in the backing which can eventually break down over time. For that reason these rugs will probably not survive as long as hand-knotted rugs.

Do wool rugs last longer than synthetic rugs?

Not necessarily. Properly maintained, synthetic rugs and wool rugs of the same construction may have a similar life expectancy. There are a number of variables including pile density and amount of traffic. We occasionally have customers return to have new custom rugs made fifteen to twenty years after the first ones only because they are using new colors – the rugs still look great!

Why does my wool rug shed so much?

It is normal for wool rugs to shed. Some of them shed quite a bit initially, but the shedding should diminish over time with each vacuuming.

Are the rugs you make all contemporary?

Some of the rugs that we make have a traditional flavor, but the designs are largely contemporary. This is mostly due to the process we use to manufacture our rugs (see below). Traditional rugs are typically extremely intricate. With our process the more involved the design the more it costs to produce. Therefore there comes a point where the complexity of design would make the rug just too cost prohibitive.

    Aren’t the rugs you make just pieced together?

    They are pieced together, but not just pieced together. The process is actually quite labor intensive. We design our rugs on computer then pull apart each different colored piece like taking apart a puzzle. We use a giant computerized cutting table with an ultrasonic titanium blade to cut each separate piece out of rolls of broadloom carpeting. Then the individual pieces are all assembled and heat seamed together the same way your wall-to-wall carpets are seamed. Next the assembled rug is hand-carved to give it depth wherever two different colors or textures meet, or sometimes varying textured materials like shags are permitted to lay over lower-profile materials. Finally the rug is finished off with binding on the edges that matches the colors of the rug. The result is an exact replica of the computer design that is made in our shop right here in the USA!

    How long does it take to have a custom rug made?

    The time required to make each rug depends on the size and complexity of the rug as well as how many custom orders we have at the time. Be sure to ask us when you’re ready to have one made, but as a range it can run anywhere from two to six weeks.

    How do I maintain my area rugs?

    (This answer is the same as that for carpeting). Regular vacuuming is crucial to extending the life of your rugs. If dirt particles are permitted to remain on your rugs they will get ground in with traffic. This not only causes discoloration, but damages the fibers causing it to wear quickly.

    Wool rugs are naturally stain resistant, and stain protection on today’s synthetic rugs is quite effective, but the longer spills remain the better chance they have of leaving a stain. Clean any spills immediately by first removing as much of the substance as possible. Often cleaning with a little water or a white vinegar and water solution will remove the remaining substance. Spot clean with a carpet cleaning product as needed. Use cleaners on a white towel or paper towel and blot instead of rub.

    Also, annual professional cleaning is recommended. Having your rugs dry cleaned regularly is a great way to keep them looking great. Steam cleaning will penetrate deeper, but leaves rugs damp for up to three days. If you have them steam cleaned try to schedule it to be done just before you go out of town for the weekend.