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Carpet & carpet installation

We are carpet installation experts! Carpet is the surest way to soften and add comfort to any room. It has many advantages in addition to being a stylish flooring choice. Carpet quiets a room by absorbing sound. It doesn’t get hot in the summer or cold in the winter. And bare feet love it!

Bring in something from your room – paint swatches, fabric swatches, or a pillow. The professionals at Carpet Designs Unlimited will help you choose a carpet to suit your lifestyle. We will help you find what you’re looking for whether it’s a soft texture, an elegant plush, a classic berber, a stylish pattern, a casual frieze, a modern shag or a natural sisal. Our skilled installers will expertly take care of every aspect of your carpet installation.

And don’t forget, we are custom carpet experts. Want something totally unique? Let us design something custom for your room to really set it apart. We have done every kind of custom wall-to-wall pattern, from simple borders to intricate florals.

Carpet FAQs


What’s the best carpet for a high traffic area?

In general, a carpet that is short and tight, whether it’s a cut-pile or a loop, will wear better than a soft, fluffy carpet because it better resists being crushed. Also, a nylon or a triexta yarn resists crushing better than an olefin.

Why do some carpets show vacuum marks and some don’t?

Carpet referred to as a saxony or a velvet is a cut pile carpet that is characterized by a velvety surface that shows footprints and vacuum marks. Other styles do not show these marks; twists, friezes, shags, berbers, etc. Velvet finishes are generally considered to have a more formal look than loops or textured carpets.

Can I cut my costs by using a cheaper pad?

We use a high quality pad as standard with our wall-to-wall installations. A cheap pad will cause your carpet to wear faster than a high quality pad, and it doesn’t feel as nice under foot. The little money that you could save by using a cheap pad is just not worth the trade-off in wear and comfort.

Is carpeting cheaper than wood or tile?

Each type of flooring can be found in a wide range of price points. Some of the lower end carpets are less expensive than most hard surface floors, but the reverse is true as well.

Why are there seams in my carpet?

Broadloom carpets are manufactured in rolls of specific widths, most commonly 12’, but sometimes 13’-6” to 15’. If the carpet you choose comes 12’ wide and your room is wider than 12’ in each direction then your carpet must be seamed. Some carpets are able to be installed with basically invisible seams while others are not. We will help you determine what the best carpet is for your installation.

How long should carpeting last?

The life of a carpet depends greatly on the amount of traffic and abuse, and the diligence of proper maintenance. It also varies from product to product, depending on such things as the type and density of fiber.

How do I maintain my carpeting?

(This answer is the same as that for area rugs). Regular vacuuming is crucial to extending the life of your carpeting. If dirt particles are permitted to remain on and in carpeting they will get ground in with traffic. This not only causes discoloration, but damages the fibers causing it to wear quickly.

Wool carpets are naturally stain resistant, and stain protection on today’s synthetic carpets is quite effective, but the longer spills remain the better chance they have of leaving a stain. Clean any spills immediately by first removing as much of the substance as possible. Often cleaning with a little water or a white vinegar and water solution will remove the remaining substance. Spot clean with a carpet cleaning product as needed. Use cleaners on a white towel or paper towel and blot instead of rub.

Also, annual professional cleaning is recommended. Having your carpets dry cleaned regularly is a great way to keep them looking great. Steam cleaning will penetrate deeper, but leaves carpets damp for up to three days. If you have them steam cleaned try to schedule it to be done just before you go out of town for the weekend.